Synthetic plastics rubber bearing

Synthetic plastics rubber bearing

VMUI® rubber bearing with outer shell made of synthetic plastics  is a product line with a working rubber layer tightly bonded with an outer layer made of synthetic resin material using the technology of Exalto – UK (Exalto UK)

This product line has the following outstanding features:

- Easy to make mechanical processing;

- Easy to disassemble and assemble;

- Free from bearing hole shrinkage when fitting with redundancy;

- Having the rubber bonding strength many times larger than that of other materials;

- Free from corrosion and damage in any environment (chemically durable).

Outstanding advantages for working rubber surfaces:

- They have a high heat resistance; bearings can withstand heat longer when there is a shortage of cooling and lubricating water in case the propeller shaft system is wrapped with mesh or plastic waste;

- There is an internal lubricant with an appropriate dosage in rubber, so it reduces the friction coefficient of the working surface significantly (≤0.01), the engine works with a very high efficiency, saving about 5 % of fuel consumption compared to the use of wood or other inappropriate types of bearing. (Actual results were tested on 03 fishing vessels with a capacity of about 1500 HP in Yangon, Myanmar in 2017).

- Under normal working conditions with sufficient lubricating water flow, the service life of bearings can reach 6-7 years.

VMUI® rubber bearing with outer shells made of synthetic resin material is manufactured to meet all customers’ repair sizes without causing excessive price increases.

The mechanical-physical properties of rubber and bearing shells meet the requirements of the US Army’s standard (MI1-DTL-1790 (SH) dated May 10th, 2005) for bearing shells made of non-metallic materials.

Dimension table: