What is a tugboat fender?

Tugboat is a means of anti-collision for ships when docked and against collisions with other ships.

Installing tugboat fender

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Tugboat fenders are manufactured from natural and synthetic rubber and some specialized chemicals with some of the following priority features:

  • Aging-resistance and corrosion of seawater;
  • High elasticity creates a large capacity to absorb the ship's energy but only acts on the vessel with low pressure..
  • The ability to operate continuously and is durable in many types of environments and chemical resistance: gasoline, oil, sea water, ...

Fenders are installed along the side of the ship to prevent the impact of ships entering the port and other ships, helping to minimize damage in the event of a collision.

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Types of tugboat fenders:

Tugboat fenders have many different types, designed and manufactured according to the geographical features of the harbor, the weight of ships entering and leaving the port.

D-Shape Fender

U-Shape Fender

Cylindrical Fender

W Fender Blocks

Rubber fender is an ideal equipment widely used in large vessels such as oil tankers and docks to provide a safe and aesthetic protection for the harbor.


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